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Steps to Begin: TeamMember
Steps to Begin: Inner_about


Getting Started

Call New Directions Healthcare

(814)-240-6216 or fill out the new patient contact form.


Schedule an Appointment

Before your first appointment, ensure you have valid ID, and insurance card.


Get started with your program and begin your path to recovery

A face-to-face medical exam, along with a biopsychosocial exam will determine admission. On your first appointment, an initial assessment will include verification of insurance, urine drug screen, lab work, and tuberculosis testing.


The Care You Deserve

New Directions Healthcare has a written plan providing for intake and admission which includes the following:

  • Our criteria for admission to treat a patient is that the individual has had an opioid dependency for over one year or more.

  • Patients must be 18 and over living in Erie and the surrounding communities who are addicted to opiates or synthetic narcotics.

  • The patient must enter and participate in the program voluntarily.

  • New Directions Healthcare will not discriminate against race or sex. We will accept non-English speaking patients.

  • New Directions Healthcare will accept any handicapped patients.

New Directions Healthcare will not admit individuals with the following criteria:

  • A patient who is medically or mentally unstable or at risk for imminent harm to himself/herself or other.

  • A patient who is alcohol or benzodiazepines dependent.

Newly Admitted Patients Must Follow These Requirements:

  • Patients must be willing and able to follow and participate in all treatment plans, including safety precaution for treatment

  • Patients must attend counseling sessions - including individual and group sessions.

  • Dose daily to receive oral methadone, unless patient receives take homes.

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